Your Questions Answered

Whatever you want, whatever you need, that´s the motto of The Pocket Directory, because we believe that we will be able to list businesses and locations to satisfy just that.

As a business owner, it´s crucial that you get your business listed as soon as possible, in order to maximise your exposure to a new and existing geo-located client base, in order to make sure that you are the one who gets that call or visit first.

But why? Let us answer some of the most frequently asked questions to help answer why.

What is a geo-located directory?

Put simply, geo-location is a mapping reference. In a new world where everybody exists on a virtual map, it is crucial to ensure that your location is properly recognised, based on each and every individual. In other words, if a person lives in Newcastle, it is pointless listing a plumber in New Brighton. If a client or customer is searching for a product or service, not only do they want the best, they often want the closest. By using correctly mapped out locations, a user can pinpoint your business to the nearest metre, and so they not only know exactly where you are, they now how to find you and how long it will be for you to serve them.

Whatever a client is looking for, our system will give them a list of businesses based entirely on their own location, giving distance information as well as your business and contact details.

Often, in just one click, they can not only send you a message direct, if they are searching on a mobile phone, they can click to call you. If they want to visit, they can get directions right to your door, on foot or by car, and even, where available, by public transport.

Plus, depending on your listing type and category, if a client is looking for something in their location, they will also be presented to supplementary listings of businesses nearby, perhaps offering that impulse visit to those who didn´t even know they wanted to look for your business in the first place.

Why an on-line directory?

One of the key benefits of having your listing in an on-line directory is that it is easier to change. Whether you run monthly special offers, or just want to refresh your content, making these changes yourself is a breeze, but don´t worry, because we can do them for you if you prefer.

Why not just businesses?

We not only list businesses because we want to encourage people to visit our site on a regular basis, and find other areas of interest which are not necessarily commercial. By doing this, it also means that your business listing gets a higher profile because, once again, of this geo-location. Whatever a user is looking for nearby, they just might find you too.

What do you mean about the site being “responsive”?

Many people are using a variety of different devices to browse the internet these days. Long gone are the days of desktop computers being the only means of communication, laptops came along, followed by tablets, smartphones, smart watches, glasses that can browse the internet, audio devices that can read the internet, television, in-vehicle gadgets, in fact, these days, the computer is fast becoming the last popular means of surfing. The term “responsive” means that The Pocket Directory is visible across all of these devices, however big or small, it adapts to each and every different device if it being browed on. What that means for you is that your listing is also visible, in full, irrespective of whether it is being viewed on the biggest desktop computer, or the smallest smart device.

You also mention accessibility, what´s that?

As much of the physical world has started to adapt more to the needs of those less able, the on-line world is also following suit. We are striving for accessibility in the same way, so that the opportunity to increase font size and spacing is first and foremost and embedded properties that mean those with severe vision problems can have the site read to them, are just some of the developments being included.

What that means for your business is that you too are able to reach out and help those who may have otherwise felt isolated, unable to find the information that many take for granted, and thus provide a better service to a new range of potential clients.

Do you advertise yourselves?

Yes. We know all too well that although an on-line presence is crucial to business development, we also know that it works best as part of the overall marketing mix. Much as we would like to claim that your listing on The Pocket Directory is all that your business will need, we wouldn´t make such false promises. We advertise extensively on radio and in newspapers of local relevance to the businesses we are supporting.

What that means is that your business is also supported through these other channels along with The Pocket Directory, and so your business is supported across all available platforms.